Auxzillium Celebrates 15 years as Boston’s Premiere IT Service Provider


IT Services Boston | Outsourced IT | IT ConsultantsMarch marks our 15 year anniversary.  Proud does not begin to encompass how we feel about the last 15 years.  Going back to March 2000 before the IPhone,  before Cloud Computing, M1450713_466380443479463_1655843152_nichael Carreiro opened Micro Computers, a one man shop located at 215B Salem Street in Medford, MA selling PC’s and Break/Fix technology.  Back then we even sold phones, who remembers Nextels?  So much innovation has happened in technology in the last 15 years, from text messaging to Virtualization, and we have enjoyed every minute of that ride.  Running that reactive Break/Fix business model had it’s time, but as we became more and more dependent on technology a need for Pro-Active IT Support grew.   A new business model was born and it was Auxzillium (from the latin meaning support).

Michael Carreiro the CEO and owner of Auxzillium had a vision for an IT Services Company that could be a partner in a company’s growth by providing them 24/7 proactive IT Solutions.  Solutions that optimize their investment.  A company that could bring strategy and innovation to their IT.    A solution that could bring an IT Team to a company for a fraction of the cost of a full time IT department.  Michael Carreiro, CEO, Auxzillium“to be honest when I opened Microcomputers I wasn’t sure where it would go, but I knew that I loved computers, I loved technology and I knew that I would never be bored.  I can honestly say that having served over 1,800 accounts in the last 15 years has been nothing but exciting and fulfilling.  I am excited about the next 15 years”.


Welcome to our new website!


So have you seen it?  What do you think of our newly redesigned website?   We’ve been designing it for the last couple of months and are so excited to see it go live.  It has everything that you are used to seeing  from our old site with the addition of a blog where we hope to share the latest happenings here at Auxzillium, while also providing relevant IT content.

Some of our goals in designing our new site were to make it faster and easier to navigate, but most of all we want to help current and new clients get to know us better.

Have a look around let us know what you think!