Beware of Phishing Emails!

At Auxzillium we don’t take Network Security lightly.  We dilligently survey each of our clients networks and implement specific stragies to insure that their networks are safe.  Recently, an influx of “Phishing” email spam have entered some of our client’s environments and Firewalls and Antivirus cannot protect users against such a threat.

These  emails are designed to compromise a user or a user’s email address and/or password.  They induce panic and urgency and typically look and seem like they have originating from a legitimate source.  Banks and credit card companies are common vehicles used in phishing attacks, but they vary widely in terms of their quality  and complexity.

Utilizing  threats and time urgency they request that you input your mailbox type, username and password. In reality, this information gets  passed along to someone that will use the information to compromise your account.  The best way to counteract phishing attempts (as they are called) is to educate the client environment to be aware and vigilant.  At Auxzillium we ask that our clients,  never input usernames and passwords into any site whose request comes via a link in an email.

While such sites (and the links that connect to them) appear legitimate (see screenshots), they are not.  First, be hesitant and then allow that hesitation to direct an immediate call towards you network administrator to be certain. For more information on “phishing” attacks, how they work and what we can all do as a user community to prevent them from happening please visit this Microsoft page(safe link).

Education is our best line of defense.  Next time you receive an email that is even a little bit “phishy” contact your network adminsitrator.